Thursday, March 20, 2008

I'm So Hungry!

Last night I couldn't get to sleep because my stomach was rumbling so loudly. I was so hungry!!! Food!! Feed me! I waited as long as I could, drank as much water as I could but ended up having a handful of nuts. Then was able to get to sleep. I emailed my dietician and her response was the opposite of what I thought it would be. She was "thrilled" that I was hungry. lol. And wanted me to use the next two weeks before my fill to try lots of foods (chicken, bread, toast, salads) to use if I can tolerate everything.
I am really struggling with this information. That I can eat. I am so used to starving myself when trying to lose weight. So now I'm not going to deprive myself.
I'm really enjoying food. Before surgery I was mindless eating. Now I'm appreciating the smell, taste, sound, texture. Thinking of healthy combinations of foods. And I'm cooking. Something that I only do when I feel passion.
Libsmom- 9 kilos is 19.8 lbs. I am very happy with that weight. But I know I will probably put on a little in the next two weeks as I'm now eating foods.
Before band I was addicted to take away. McDonalds Drive Thru knew me so well. But I have no desire for it at all. I would rather sit down with a nice home cooked meal. It's crazy. It's amazing. No junk food is awesome!
I'm already seen the results of my weight loss and healthier lifestyle. Having PCOS gives me lots a little horrible side effects. One being acne. My skin has cleared up so dramtically in such a short space of time. Still a little way to go but any progress is a positive.
Thought I'd let you know what I've been eating. I'm keeping a food diary each day so I can look back each day on my foods and tweak it. See if I'm eating enough protein, calcium and veggies.
Breakfast- apple and sultana porridge.
Lunch- I piece of toast, baked beans and an egg
Snack- slice of cheese
Dinner- quiche and seafood salad
Supper- country cheese biscuits

Today so far:
Breakfast- 140 g spaghetti plus 1 cruskit
Snack/possibly lunch- 2 cruskits with cheese and fruit chutney
Dinner will be chicken bolognaise.

Today has been first day without any pain or uncomfort. I'm still being careful not to lift heavy items or push myself to extreme. But wanting to walk so will start to on weekend. Put gym membership on hold for 6 weeks as Dr said no ab work in that time. So will make use of my treadmill and the great outdoors. I'm starting to look a little (well no very very) pasty white.
My Nan just called. Checking to see how I was. And, of course, asking what I'm eating. I think I will have to defer the subject in a few weeks. I know she is just concerned about me but the woman is also obsessed with food. She always watches what everyone eats and their waist line. Shes the woman who is constantly on a diet, be it a fruit smoothie diet or a cabbage soup one. She has no weight problem at all. So when it starts to get my goat I will politely tell her everything is fine and im happy with the way its working out but focusing on other things in my life also.
This time last week I was throwing up blood and in agony. My how quickly I've recovered and grown.

-skinny biddy :0)


Anonymous said...

You are doing so well!!! love reading your blog, keep up the good week. Im amazed by how much you can actually eat! Have a great weekend. Lizzy

mjwdec73 said...

I'm so proud of you - it is great to see that you are wanting to move around. Even better to see you enjoying food. I love that food isn't my enemy anymore - sounds like you are in the same place. Well done with the nuts - I was thinking I'd suggest them, but you beat me to it!

Angi said...

Hi! I have a question about your food log. What's a cruskit?

Thanks! Love your blog!
- Angi