Thursday, March 20, 2008

Thanks Guys

First off, I changed my band's name back to Barbie. Fits better.

I just re-read all the comments that have been left on my blog. I also noticed I have had over 500 hits on my blog. I want to say thankyou to everyone who is reading. It means a lot to know I have support.

-skinny biddy :0)


mjwdec73 said...

You are right - have the support means so much - and so does knowing that people read and don't necessarily comment.

I really enjoy stopping by and seeing how you are going, and really appreciate it when you comment on mine too!

sallbelle said...

Hello Bridget
I am loving reading your blog! i get banded on 30th June. You are doing real well. Good luck with the rest of your journey- ur gonna look gorgeous!