Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Wednesday is: Hump-a-liciuos

Went to my GP today. I wasn't sure if I was happy with him after he called me up last week having a go at me because I forgot to cancel an appointment. I realised after seeing him today that he is just a great doctor. I haven't had one so caring in such a long time so it has been a little bit of a shock. I have only been going to him since Nov last year after my doctor made a comment to me that I didnt really appreciate. But I'm really happy with my new doctor.
I got my last Gardasil injection. I was able to sit up and have it, something I've never done before. I usually get a little fainty but I was fine. I think after the 9 or so I had during my hospital stay two weeks ago (two week bandiversary!) I am a lot better at having needles. I better get used to them! lol. Fills don't happen without them! I know they don't hurt so I'm not worried about them at it. I'm actually really excited. Can't wait for more restriction!
Today I slept a lot. I think its because I've got a cold. But I didnt get outta bed til really late. I didnt eat anything because I wasnt really hungry. But after a few hours it suddenly hit me and I was starving!!! I was at shops so bought a Thai Chilli Chicken Wrap. Got home and ate too fast. So I got a blockage. Ouchie! I should have known better also because it had lettuce on it. I experimented with lettuce last night and got a blockage. So lettuce is out for me. I also got a slap on the wrist for not chewing. CHEW CHEW CHEW!!!
I havent started workout out or walking yet. I am still super tired. It could be because of my cold though.
I have zilch when it comes to money at the moment. I was talking to mum and she told me she would buy me the pandora bracelet. I love her so much!! Im going to get a Zodiac Leo one for my first charm. And I've seen some on ebay. They may not be pandora ones but they will fit and less expensive. So thats how I am going to celebrate my weight loss.

Todays food:
Breakfast- Berocca
Lunch- Thai Chilli Chicken Wrap
Dinner- 2 Sushi rolls and pasta salad

-Skinny biddy :0)


mjwdec73 said...

Give yourself a break - please? It's only 2 weeks since you had a general anaesthetic and you've got germs on top of it. It's OK to be tired. Don't expect to be 100% yet - you will have good days, and then days when you just want to sleep. Having said all that, you will get there, a little bit more every day.

Well done on staying upright and conscious for the injection - I know what an achievement that can be.

Oh, and lettuce was just a nasty conspiracy invented by some skinny man who didn't like people!

NikkiD said...

Be careful with Charms off eBay!! Some of them won't fit on your Pandora Bracelet and if they get stuck Pandora won't honor the warranty.