Monday, March 10, 2008

The Night Before The Night Before

I decided to have a last meal tonight as the family was having Chinese. BAD IDEA. Because I haven't eaten all day it was a bit much for me. Now I am having dizzy spells and my heart is beating super fast.

I didn't get to bed until 6 a.m. My sister reminded me that tomorrow is my last day before surgery. It hit me. I welled up with tears. Wow.
My Nan came to see me today, wished me luck. I tried to explain it to her a little more but I don't think she understands. But she is being supportive which is the main thing. She is going to come and see me in the afternoon so I hope I'm alert enough to acknowledge she came to see me.
Tomorrow I'm meeting up with some bandsters. Haven't seen them for a while so it'll be very nice! One of the girls got banded 6 weeks ago so I'm going to pick her brain. Then I'm going to pack and wait for the all important call to see what time I gotta be in hospital!!!
mjwdec73- i have no idea why i chose that name. I thought it was sweet and loveable i guess. I actually got the idea to name the band after I saw your post saying you couldn't get the name ABBA outta your head. Hilarious.
Pam- I'd love to keep in contact with you too. I think its really important to have support from fellow bandsters as sometimes the family just don't get it!

I can't remember if I told everyone that my Dad is actually booked in to the get the band. His first consultation is April 15th. I can tell how excited he is about it. Everytime I talk about it he usually cuts me off and starts talking about him. Its kinda frustrating as this is my time right now but I know he only does that when he is super excited. And that doesn't happen often.

Can any bandits tell me how many days it was until they were feeling ok? Mum is taking wed, thursday off. Wanted to take Friday off so I won't be by myself but the woman at work wouldn't swap days with her as shes getting her hair done. So selfish. She knows I'm going in for surgery. Geez some people! So hoping I can move around fine on the Friday, I wont be able to drive though. Maybe should get a friend over???

-bridget :0)


mjwdec73 said...

I had my band done on a Monday - about lunchtime, and was released from hospital about Wednesday lunchtime. All I wanted to do on Wednesday afternoon was sleep and veg on the couch. If you do end up at home on your own on Friday, make sure you don't do any lifting or carrying. Have a lots of water around to drink. I actually had a stash of 400ml bottles of pump water, just so I could easily get the water in and didn't have to think about it. You may not need someone with you, but someone you can call easily would be good. You will be fine.