Saturday, March 8, 2008

Feeling Better....

So after last night's wory fest woke up feeling better. I emailed my dietician last night in a panic and now am regretting it. I haven't gotten a response yet but hoping she doesn't grill me on what I've eaten. Or worse, tell my Dr! I am still worried that he'll open me up and my liver will be too bad to operate on. But trying to think positively.
Couldn't believe that after my McDonalds last night I weighed myself and was actually lighter!! Crazy!!! I'm not exactly sure what my starting weight was. I didn't look at the weigh in but I was weighed three times that day for dfiferent things. I think it was 123 kg so that means I've lost 8.4 kilos on the Opti-fast. I did weigh myself at home 4 days later on day 2 of opti-fast and I was 123 kilos. So it works out right because I was holding a lot of fluid (thanks PCOS) when orignal weight was recorded.
I went with mum to buy all my liquids today. I also bought some very very huge nighties to be comfy in and an amazing pillow called the "Body Mate". Man I should have had one of those earlier in my life. As a single woman not having a man in my life this pillow is amazing to hug. lol. Seriously. Buy it. It still doesn't quite feel like in a few days my life is going to change. I think if I was able to grasp this fact then it would hit me like a ton of bricks and I would back out. Me and change have never been friends. I am afraid of it. So for me to decide I want to uproot not only my outer self but who I have been for 20 years, its bizzare. But I have never been so sure about something before either.
I'm going to see my nan tomorrow. She knows about the banding, although she doesn't understand it. She wants to see me before the op. I wouldn't mind her coming into the hospital to see me. The more the merrier! I want as many visitors as possible. And flowers. Lol. I'm saying this now but I'll probably be outta it the whole time and won't remember who came in to see me.
Thanks to Charmy and mjwdec73 for the comments you left for me. You do not know how much they picked me up last night.

I just got an email back from my dietician. I don't think I've ever been that nervous opening an email up! She is amazing! She said if I had lost the 4 kilos needed I should be right. Its very reassuring that I have support from my team! I am such a stupid girl for being so worried I think!!!

Thats it for today. Oh, I actually already have half my bag packed for Wednesday. Eager I know!!

Enjoy the rest of the weekend beautifuls!!

-bridget :0)


mjwdec73 said...

Change is always scary - welcome to the rollercoaster :) I was hopeless the few days before my surgery - up and down. Visitors in hospital are fantastic - so are flowers - my room looked like a gerbera dealers.

Thank goodness for your support team - nothing you say will be too silly, and definitely not dumb - they've seen and heard it all before.

Just so you know - I wouldn't change my band for the world, and I'm wondering why I didn't do it earlier.