Monday, March 17, 2008

Magic Day 5

My friend from the Central Coast Bandsters let me in on what happens on "Magic Day 5". She said that some people wake up and experience no pain whatsoever. I thought it was a little hard to believe, from the amount of pain I was in. She was totally right!! I am off my pain meds, doesn't hurt taking deep breaths, got 5 1/2 hrs sleep (best so far), able to walk without holding my side. I was listening to music today (Sara Barellies- check her out) and even wanted to boogie. haha
I was hungry today. I drank all the fluids I was told to, even extra. So I had some mashed baked beans. Man oh man!!! BEAUTIFUL! I took it slow, made sure it was liquid in my mouth before I swallowed. I am seeing my dietician tomorrow so will dicuss going on mushies. She allows it between 3-5 days and max 2 weeks.
When I go there I will also check my weight on there scales, then will compare to home ones to see difference. I have had a few people already ask me bout my weight, and if I've lost much. I'm blowing them off at the moment. I'm 5 days out from surgery and its not something on my mind right now. I'm focusing on healing my body. I'm also ready for this to take me some time. Its not a sprint, its a marathon. It's been a 20 year stuggle with weight, I don't expect it off in 20 days. 20 months maybe ;0) On some message boards I have noticed such a huge emphasis on 100's of grams. I REFUSE to let myself become caught up in the nitty gritty. Dear reader, please hold me to that. I give you permission to cyber slap me if I have a post entitled "Why didn't I lose 100 grams today?" or "My life is over, I've put on 400 grams."
Thanks to mjwdec73 and libsmom for the comments. Love your blogs ladies, put a link on the right hand side of my page so people can check it out. If there is anyone else out there reading, don't be shy, I'm not that hungry, won't bite you!

-skinny biddy :0)


mjwdec73 said...

Yay!! I'm so glad you are feeling more human again - it makes such a difference to your sanity.

Good move to blow people off - right now you are in a healing phase and shouldn't be worrying about weight loss at all - tell anyone persistent that - I did.

I promise to cyber slap you silly if you start worrying about 100 grams - can you do the same for me please?

LIBSMOM said...

I'm so jealous! You got to eat beans? My doc requires 2 weeks on clear liquids after surgery, then 2 weeks on regular liquids, THEN 2 weeks on soft food!!!
I've cheated with cheese and yogurt but man, I'd love some beans!! LOL
I'm glad you're out of pain and well on your way to healing.
Keep up the good work.

going4goal said...

Magic Day 5! I'm glad you are feeling better. It will only get easier each day with regard to pain. And who ever thought mushies would be so exciting!

You have the right attitude about concentrating on healing right now. Your body has been through a lot, so give it time to adjust.

Looking forward to watching you drop the weight!

Great job,