Thursday, May 1, 2008

400 grams!!!!

I KNOW I said that I wouldn't worry about the grams. BUT.... 400 grams to go until I get to the 15 kilos lost!!! Its the most I've ever been able to lose so I'm deservingly very proud of myself!!!
I got my Pandora bracelet out today. Only one charm on it- chinese symbol for "harmony". I thought that was very symbolic. I still have to get the second one for the 10 kilos lost, and quite soon will have to get the third. Didn't realise this was going to happen so soon!
Dad came out today. He is doing soooo well! His fluids are really good. His pain is nothing major- only had Panadol once! He is having issues with laying down, which is normal. So I don't know if he'll get much sleep. But so far- 9 kilos down, dropped blood pressure and lowered diabetes meds.... amazing!
Didn't go to netball tonight. With everything going on I've had no sleep, haven't gotten knee guards (ordered them in) and got a little bit of a cold. Excuses, excuses. But I'd end up hurting myself. So gotta think about that. Will be hitting the gym tomorrow morning- Im missing it so much!! And really wanna shift that 400 grams so I can focus on my next goal- under 100!!!
Food wise I've learnt so much this week. My band has been quite tight in mornings so I don't eat until lunchtime. In the mornings Barbie loves hot drinks. So lots of teas and a hot chocolate. I've never liked coffee but had a sip of Dad's today and it was yum yum. I think I've been converted..... But yeah, I've learnt to work with the band. I don't force anything on it.
Todays food:
Breakfast- Hot Chocolate and it filled me up so much!!
Lunch- Sweet Thai Chilli Chicken Wrap toasted
Dinner- quiche

I am still sooo full two hours later after dinner. Restriction!!! yum yum!!! I'm really loving it.
Dad told me tonight he is going to buy a diary tomorrow to write down his daily food intake as well as how he is feeling. I'm very happy he is doing that. It will help him a lot I think.
Nothing but positives coming from band world. I've never been happier. I've already lost so much in terms of weight but also in negative attitudes and habits. I've even been able to stand up to my boss! Not being a push over anymore.
Going to work out total body fat lost so far and let you know.

-skinny "proud" biddy :0)


mjwdec73 said...

First up, I'm very pleased to hear your dad is going OK - I know that has to be a real relief for you.

I'm so proud of you - you have really changed so much and I'm loving watching it.

Enjoy the gym today - it will do wonders for your mood - and shift that 400gms. Sooooooo close now!