Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Walking In The Rain!! I'm Walking In The Rain!!

Yeap! I walked in the rain today. A 5 km walk with Dad! We currently do the walk in 55 mins. When we get to 45 mins Dad wants us to do two laps- 10 kms! It's a good walk, and with some music it doesnt seem all that long.
Noooo restriction. Waking up with tummy rumbles. Have I told you how much I am looking forward to Monday? I am!!! Lol. Bring on a fill baby yeah!
Breakfast- 2 boiled eggs and 3 cruskits
Lunch- 2 mini tortillas (toasted) with ham, cheese and sweet chilli sauce
Snack- some sour cream and chive pasta
Dinner- undecided.

Because of my PCOS, I get the WORST cravings for carbs around this time of the month. Its sooo hard! All I want to do is stuff myself with twisties and hard core junk food. Lol. Hoping that these annoying cravings subside or minimise once I've lost more weight.

Nothing too interesting happend today. Apart from getting my car rego organised. In total, its $1000. None of which I have. I couldn't work for 6 weeks after op because of the type of work I do plus my energy levels were shot to shit. So I'm behind with everything. So thankfully the wonderful parents are paying for it and I'm paying them back. I still owe them for my car and laptop. Seems like I'll never get a chance to save up for America. I've decided I want to go end of next year. So I suppose I still have time to save.

Question for everyone out there in cyber land. What exercise are we doing? Or if you aren't let me know! Just want to see what types everyone is doing and how they feel its affecting their weight loss and confidence.....

Off to try not to eat a million things that I want....

-skinny "mmmmm mcdonalds" biddy :0)


mjwdec73 said...

Oh exercise - that would be the thing I haven't done officially since last Thursday. I'd like to thank my migraine and today's horrendous hangover + all round seediness for that. Yes, I know it is Tuesday. I'll be back in the gym tomorrow though - my gym bag is packed and in the car ready to go.

Wow on the 5kms again though - that is awesome - oh and thanks for the movie soundtrack in my head.


LapBandGirl said...

Exercise? We'll I'm a member of two gyms and get my monies' worth! I normally get to the gym before work 3/5 days a week and do 40 mins on the treadmill... then in the evening I do a pump class or body jam class. Sunday is my day off... So:
Monday - Pump 6am, and possibly a walk in the evening with fiance
Tuesday - Spin 6:15am and Pump 7:30pm
Wednesday - Cardio in the morning and Pump 6:30pm
Thursdsay - Cardio in the morning or Body Jam 6:30pm
Friday - Cardio in the morning and Pump 5:30pm
Saturday - Spin Class 8:30am, Pump Class 9:30am
Sunday Rest Day

Now I tell you that I don't normally do all of that exercise because I travel so much for work... so there will be at least 1 day during the week where I don't get to my regular classes... And if I'm hurting too much from Pump I'll skip the next pump class... so while it seems like alot I sometimes don't do it all!!

LBG xx