Monday, May 26, 2008


I am frustrated.
First time in days I've had a chance to actually think. And I'm beating myself up about no exercise for about a week and not enough fruit and veg. Also portions.
I think I am pretty close to getting to that sweetish spot. I don't really ever feel super hungry. I don't really think about food much these days. And I know thats a good thing. But its a bad thing at the same time. I need to concentrate on a healthier eating plan. Including more protein, less carbs, more fruit, less calories. I suppose I will get better at it when I get into more of a routine. I've been crazy busy and it should calm down in the next few days.

I would really like comments on my food if you can. I think that might help me. Any suggestions will be appreciated!

Today's food diary
B- cup of tea
Mid morning- rice wheels (omg yum)
Lunch- oriental cup of noodles, handful of cashews (i really didnt need to eat so much, i need to learn how to throw food away and it to be ok!)
Snack- rice crackers and cheese
Dinner- SUPPOSED to be sausages and veg however, the wrong ones were bought- ones with chilli...ahhhhh! So I went for super quick Kraft mac and cheese.

Glad to be back blogging. Man that was a hard weekend. It was really really nice. Actually busiest weekend I've had in months. But I had so much craft to cut out for pre school. Hours of cutting out teeny little fish for little fish bowls the kids made today. They didn't seem all that interested which sucked. Lol.

-skinny "just get past that 100 bridget" biddy :0)


mjwdec73 said...

Okay, I'm just starting to catch up on blogging. Why are you beating yourself up? What is that going to achieve for you? Seriously? You have made a massive change in your life, and it doesn't all happen overnight. You know what changes you need to make, and beating yourself up isn't going to help you, and it sure as hell won't make you feel good about yourself. And you deserve to be feeling good about yourself.

Anytime you want to remind me of all this would be a good thing too!