Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Where did all my readers go? Anyone out there in cyber land?


Kathy said...

Hi Bridget, Yep - can notice the diff on your photo! You are going great guns. Hope it just gets better for you. Kath

LapBandGirl said...

Still here, still reading.. life gets in the way sometimes! You're doing great! bring on the 104s!!

Diz said...

Girl, the readers are not going least this one isn't. I may not always get a chance to comment, but I can't go without reading all my inspirational blogs to keep me going. Without you and the other bloggers, this journey would be so much harder and I'd be questioning my decision. Because of you, I have no doubts this is the right thing for me. So, Bridget...thanks for being here and for blogging faithfully.

Anonymous said...

hehehe... I almost posted the exact same thing on my blog - we must be psychically linked! I guess people don't have time to comment!

But just so you know, I stop by your blog most days to catch up.

Em :)

Kristie said...

Hey Bridge,

Still here and still reading as often as I can. I LOVE reading your blog so keep it up. I actually referred a girl to it today who is possibly considering the band.

Talk soon

katie said...

good luck getting rid of me..

mjwdec73 said...

I'm here - better late than never. Life has been blech, but I'm loving catching up with your blog.