Wednesday, May 21, 2008

And So It Starts...

Food Diary:

Breakfast- 2 cruskits (cottage cheese, tomato and vegemite)
Lunch- 2 fish portions
Dinner- Four Cheese Pasta Bake with chicken

I got my course info (first four modules) in the mail today. It was a little bit of a shock seeing the thickness of the package sent to me! But I can handle it. I'm starting the studying tomorrow. Thinking of doing it every Thursday, spending the whole day on it. As of next week I will be much busier so please forgive me if I'm not posting every night. I will try to because it really helps me decompress everyday.

No other new interesting thing. I feel like Dr Fill took out some fill! Lol. Man I'm hungry!!!

-skinny "studious" biddy :0)

Ooohhh.... i forgot. I am 9 weeks banded today. I am experiencing hair loss, major major major acne, asthma flaired up and infected sinus. Anyone had ill health after the surgery?? Please please let me know. Email me if you dont want to comment.


mjwdec73 said...

I've had some pretty major hair loss, but because I've got so much hair the only people who could tell were me, my hairdresser, mum and my boyfriend. It has settled down now - Mum did this after she had a general last year too. My hair loss has dropped right down - almost back to normal. I'm breaking out a bit too - but I think my hormones are a bit out of whack. Give your body some time - you've had some pretty major surgery and it will take some time to settle down.

Tina :o) said...

I too had hair loss after being banded but it has settled down now. Congrats by the way for becoming a bandit:O)

Cheers Tina

Anonymous said...

No hair loss for me - but I have so much I probably wouldn't notice! I think it's probably just your body getting used to the changes you're making.

All the best,