Friday, May 16, 2008

The Friday Wrap!

I've had another successful day today.
It started with a simple thing of getting dressed. Lol. It was a yuck day out so thought I'd wear a long sleeved top. I was feeling game so tried on a top I haven't worn for about a year. And it actually looked alright! So I was very happy with that!
Went to see my dieitician (ended up being in there for an hour!) talking bout lots of different things. I weighed in, lost 2 kilos since I saw her which was last Tuesday! So in the space of 10 days I've lost it! It DEFINATELY has to be the exercise. I started it about 8 days ago seriously, so there is the answer! Guys, if you want to lose weight and are having trouble, quit making excuses like we all do and exercise. Make sure you find something that is enjoyable. Because you are more likely to stick to it.
Then I met up with the wonderful Kristie and had lunch. I've got restriction... lol.
I'm going to put a poll up to see how many people exercise. Please vote, even if you dont exercise. I think it will be an interesting experiment.
I'm thinking of putting pictures up again. Thoughts?
No exercise for me today. Got home late and quite tired. Will walk tomorrow and Sunday.
Not long til Fill number 3!!!!!!!
I'm pretty sure after that one I will wait a little longer to have next one. I am pretty happy with food at the moment.

Enjoy your weekend guys!!

-skinny "fitting into old clothes- yay!" biddy :0)


mjwdec73 said...

I voted - guess which one I am? Congratulations on fitting into old clothes - I'm loving that too. The 2kgs is awesome and you should be really proud of yourself.

Now, the photos. I would love it if you posted photos, but I remember why you took them down. If you are comfortable doing it, go for it, but if you have even a moment of WTF am I doing? you know what you need to do. Just remember it is your call, and if you would prefer to email them if someone requests it, do it that way.