Thursday, May 15, 2008

Woo Hoo!!

I've been working in childcare for 3 years now. I've been doing casual work at a small centre. Kids are great, families are friendly and staff are lovely. I did have a traineeship at another centre a few years back, but I left it after Day 1. Horrible centre. But I've contempted doing the Cert 3 course for years, never really having the courage to do it.
A few nights ago I was looking online at random things when seeklearning cert 3 in childrens services came up. I took a look and saw it was a Tafe run distance course. You only had to do 100 hours at a centre, can do course over 2 years, at your own pace and there are more on the job assesments than assignments. Perfect! Found out more info yesterday, Mum said she'd pay for it (isn't she amazing!) and my boss said she would be my assesor at the centre. Yay!! So about half an hour ago I enrolled to do my Certificate 3 in Children's Services!
After years of never having the courage or confidence I finally did it!

No exercise today except for an hour washing my car (hasnt been washed in about 8 months so VERY dirty and hard work!).
Out to dinner tonight with work- celebrations all around, perfect night since I just enrolled in my Cert 3 also! Great timing! Its an italian restaurant. I am a little nervous eating (they all know about the band) because pizza won't work and pasta bloats me like crazy. So hopefully they have something else their that will tickle my fancy. Lol.

Another recent development is me cancelling my gym membership.... I'm paying a lot of money each week and I'm not really going. I don't like the classes, petrol is more money as its 15 mins away, and its pointless paying so much just to use elliptical trainer. I have a treadmill and weight set at home. I'm walking a lot, playing netball, cant tonight because of work dinner :(, and hopefully starting up tennis when Dad is allowed to and is free. The cancellation fee will be a bitch but I'm going to try to tell a lie and see if I can get outta it :0)

Dietician tomorrow- basically just tell her I can eat everything. Lol. Weigh in might be scary....the old fluid fairy will be back and my little friend will be arriving any time now. So weight will be up.

Thats all for now folks! I'm really happy about everything going on!

-skinny "super like, totally, like awesome" biddy :0)


mjwdec73 said...

I'm so proud of you - congratulations. Good luck with sorting out the gym membership. I agree - there is no point paying for it if you aren't using it.