Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Just when I thought it wasn't happening.....

Ok cyber friends, the truth. I think I stuffed up the amount of weight I've lost. I was using my starting weight at the doctors, but the scales are 2 kilos lighter at home. So.... I've calculated my weight loss wrong. I have in fact lost 13.5. Not the 14. something I thought I had. I want to do this honestly, so that's why I'm putting it out there.
I hopped on the scales a few minutes ago thinking it'd be bad after my no restriction yesterday and go the shock of my life. I had to double check it!!! 107.5!! Just when I couldn't break that 110, I stopped focusing on it, then when 108 wouldn't budge, I stopped thinking about it all the time and it melted away!
I DEFINATELY know that the walking has helped with that. Last night Dad and I looked at his roster to see when we can walk. I think over the next 10 days we can walk around 6-7 times which is good. I really enjoy the walking. I am thinking about the expensive gym I'm a member of. I should probably be going more often to make better use out of what little money I have that I am giving to them.
So another 5 km walk today...pump up my ipod (i really need a new one, a shuffle would be brilliant. I have an old school ipod circa 2005 so its a brick and a bitch to carry around) and walk walk walk!

-skinny "stoked" biddy :0)


Diz said...

Yea! Sista, you ROCK! Whenever I seem to focus on that darned scale, it never wants to move for me. As soon as I stop, presto! 4 lbs gone.

I live in the mountains and commute to work, so I invested in a stair machine, which I finally own. When I hit my highest weight in January, I started attacking the machine with a vengence. I now can do 40 minutes in the morning and 40 in the evening and switch off between level 2 and 3. Keep in mind though, that the program I'm going thru requires me to lose a certain amount of weight before they'll band me.

My appointment with the Surgeon is this coming Monday and I need to be at the weight they specified, or they don't schedule the surgery. So that's part of the reason I'm pushing it. I want this so very badly and I'm not about to let anything stop me from getting it.

Let's hope I feel this enthused at 3 a.m. tomorrow morning...stair time!

mjwdec73 said...

I'm so proud of you - your walking is really paying off. Just keep going and focused on how you are feeling, not the numbers. You are doing so well.

Louisa said...

excellent work Bridget. i know about those carb cravings they're a bitch