Tuesday, May 20, 2008

So about yesterday....

Thank goodness my sinus isn't as bad as last night. Wow! That wasn't fun at all. And of course it was fun taking tablets after my fill that morning!!!
Ok so fill went well. I went for the first time by myself (which I believe to be a major thing as I hate needles) without the mummy. It's a little unpleasant but you get over it. Dr Fill and I discussed how much to put in. I've felt like I wouldn't want over .5 mls, he asked if I wanted less. I thought it was a good idea. I wasn't super duper hungry the last few days before fill so didn't want to risk having a possible overfill. We settled on .3 mls.
Apparently its no more "fluid one day, mushies next, third day solids"... Dr said that if I can tolerate a cup of fluids in an hour I'm right to move on. So last night I had a piece of quiche. Really didn't need to eat the whole thing though. Learning still...
Haven't exercised in a few days. Saturday was the last time. In my defence this time of year I find hard as I always have asthma issues. Only time, other than that my lungs are fine. Will think about going on Thursday for a walk, do have netball that night but might still do it. Friday is out now because of work, unless I go after work.
Great response to the exercise poll! Applauds to the people who admitted they should exercise more. Maybe now put that into practise?? I know its hard, but don't think about it, just do it. If I start to think about it, I then start to fish for an excuse. Instead, I just get ready and go.
Myf- in response to the Doc thing. I was recommended to the woman Dr by my Dietician. Appart from her I don't have any other feedback. The man Doc mum goes to has a great reputation, knows all about hormones and told mum he wants to see me to help. He does a more natural thing which I'm into. I do want to see him more, its just the practice that the woman dr is at opened their books up to me. I don't want to shut that option down. I'm thinking I will see woman dr first, see what she has to offer me then see man dr next. I know they are both going to want to do lots of tests on me (yay!!!! not) and I dont want the cost involved nor the needles. Lol. I will have to talk to mum about it again.
My dog Skipper isn't well. We've had him since I was 5. Mum and Dad blackmailed me into getting him. If I didn't cry for a whole month at kindergarten I was allowed to get a dog (he is a Sydney Silky). I'm not sure that I kept up my end of the bargain but I still got him! So he is quite old now. He has athritis, dementia, going blind and deaf. You'd think that he would be ready to give up but he is not. He still acts like a puppy. Yesterday mum took him to the vet because he was holding his back leg up. After the review we've learnt that he has done something to his leg, it isnt able to be operated on due to his age. Also, he has ear mites AND... an irregular heartbeat. Apparently he had fluid building up in his lungs and an enlarged liver. Now, we love him so so so so very dearly. And would never selfishly keep him in pain. Mum asked the vet what to do. The vet said he isn't ready to go. She said to take it 3 months at a time. With all this wrong with him, he is still such a cutie and ready to bark at anyone that comes near out gate. Lol. I am in complete and utter denial that he doesn't have long to go. I don't remember a life without him.
I know this isn't band related but its me related. Just wanted to share.
Oh... forgot to tell u my Dr Fill apparently doesnt care about the scales! He says that cms are more important. Which I totally stand by. So I'm glad someone is looking at it from my point of view. I've lost 15 cms off my waist...... :0) It's really great these days to put on an item of clothing and know its not going to be tight on you!
I don't think there is anything else to say.

- bridget


mjwdec73 said...

Wow - an essay of a post! Glad the sinus is a little better - hopefully it will be better still tomorrow. Brave you for going solo for the fill - another big step.

Your poor puppy - just because it isn't band related doesn't mean it isn't important. I'm reasonably confident that there is way more to you than a piece of silicon. Enjoy the time you have with your puppy - it is all you can do. Denial is a lovely place to visit.

Oh, and 15cms off your waist - you rock!

LIBSMOM said...

Hey Bridget!
Sorry it's been a while since I've left you a comment. I've been without my laptop for a while, having to use my desktop.
I'm glad your fill went well. Sorry about your sinus issues. How is your Dad doing?
My husband is having his surgery today!! So excited for him but I know he's dreading those first few weeks.