Saturday, May 17, 2008

Here's a little tip from Aunty Bridget

Gyms are a fucking rip off.
I went to cancel my gym today. Yeah, its going to take me 2 months to pay off the cancellation fee the are slapping on me! Its such a rip off! i've worked out I've given them in the last 9 months around $1000! And they still want more! Grrr..... I'll be glad to see the back of it. I'll just stick to what I'm enjoying- 5 km walks with good music and great weight loss results!
I really didn't want to work out today. I told Dad to walk without me and then 5 minutes later felt really guilty. So without a second thought I got changed. To the surprise of my Dad! I felt great after the walk. I think I might really be enjoying these walks!!
Food diary today
2 mini tortillas- ham,cheese and sweet chilli sauce
sushi and seaweed salad
Aunty flo= restriction. First time I've really ever had hormonal restriction I think.
I was looking at myself in the mirror today (lol that sounds like im soooo up myself but i was doing my hair) and i noticed i have a neck! yay!
Walking again tomorrow then probably won't be able to for three days unless I get up at 7 to do it and I honestly don't think I will do that. Lol.
Days are so much longer to me now. I used to wake up mid day, have a nana nap in arvo and stay u late at night. But now I'm getting up early in the morning, no nana nap and still up late at night. Lol. I am a night person, I can't change that. But it feels good to fit more into the day.

-skinny "look at my neck" biddy :0)

p.s: Photo gallery is back up. It's under construction- more photos to come this week. But drop by and take a peak!


mjwdec73 said...

Which dodgy buggers of a gym were you with? I'm horrified by how much they are charging, and now a cancellation fee. My annual fees work out less than that, and they don't charge a cancellation.

I'm so proud of you for changing and going with your dad - that is soooooo good.

Bridget said...

Myf I'm with Fernwood. I actually lied to them and said I'd lost my job to try and get outta paying the cancellation fee. Didn't work. I said "how am I meant to pay if I have no money" she said" you'll have to find a way" and preceeded to tell me when the money was coming out!!! So good old Mum was furious when he heard about it, shes calling Monday. Lol.