Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

First off, Happy Mothers Day to all the mums out there. Hope you had a great day.
My day was pretty yuk, relos kept commenting on how great Dad looked, both him and Mum kept saying "Bridget is doing well too" but they just said "yeah but Chris looks excellent". So that put me in a pretty shitty mood so spent the afternoon in my room.
Had a super Friday night. Went out with the awesome Kristie and two other bandsters. Dinner, a movie then a club. Kristie wanted me to dance, not ready for that yet. Heopfully in a few months i'll be the first one up there grooving away! Lol.
Food wise I'm all over the place. Yesterday I couldn't eat until lunchtime, today was hungry when I woke up. Craving carbs at the moment, little friend due friday so it's usually the way with me. I think I'm pmsy at the moment also so that could be why I want to cry. But at least I know that this is "normal" for me.
On the PCOS front, I do need to address it. My last doctor really didn't pay much attention to it. But I am so sick of it affecting my life in such a massive way. So I have a drs appointment at first avaliable time (June 13th....Friday 13th! Lol). Drs books were closed but they made an allowance for me which was super nice of them! So between now and then I am going to make a list of all the things I want addressed. And if I don't feel like this new Dr is doing her job I will find another one. I won't stop until I get this resolved. Its been fucking years. I am OVER it. I shouldn't have to live with fluid retention and mood swings constantly.
Exercise wise....Friday I did a 5 km walk with Dad! It took us an hour, there was one step hill. But apart from the hill it wasnt difficult at all. I will next time walk a little faster, so its a power walk. And see how I feel. I do have HUGE blisters on my pinky toes...they take up my whole toe! I am planning to do the walk again tomorrow, will make sure I buy new shoes, but before I do I will bandaid up and put cotton wool balls there so that there is some padding! Not much planned this week so will hopefully be able to hit the gym everyday!!
Third fill is planned for Monday week. Looking forward to it. Is that strange? Lol. I think I will feel more comfortable after this one. Hopefully cut down in hunger. Portions are correct size, just every few hours I'm peakish..
Will get back to doing Food Diaries tomorrow. I really dont rememeber what I've eaten this weekend.
Dieitician Friday. Going to start writing a list of things to find out. First thing is Low G.I.... as someone with insulin resistance, I should be eating Low G.I. But I haven't been. So will find out if this is still applicable with the band. If it is then cruskits are out. And I'm not sure I will be able to cope! Lol.
The amazing Kristie gave me 6 pairs of pants yesterday!! So stoked! Means I won't need to go out and get pants for a little while. I now have 13 pairs of jeans!!! Love you Kristie :0)

Have a great week everyone.
-skinny "over pcos and all its horror" biddy :0)


Diz said...

Sounds like things are going ok for you. Keep up the exercise. As much as I have a love/hate relationship with it, it's made a difference. Again, don't worry about people commenting on your Dad and not you. They will continue to do that and the only way to survive it is to have your own special chant in your head or something that makes you think of the people who are thinking of you. We are out here in internet land and we are pulling for YOU! Don't know what I would've done without reading your awesome blogs.

mjwdec73 said...

So now I know what best Friday night ever means - you go girl! Can't wait to hear you are the first one up there though!

At least your parents both pointed out that you were doing well too - don't forget you have that recognition. I think Diz is right - you need your own reminder - you are doing this for you, and you are doing so well. You are the one that needs to know - other people are just a bonus.

Oh, and 5km walk - awesome!