Wednesday, April 2, 2008

3 weeks Banded today

It's my 3 week Bandaversary. Happy Happy Joy Joy.

Up until about an hour ago I was still feeling pretty shitty about everything. I actually bawled my eyes out right after I blogged last night. A combination of a lot of things. Feeling like being in limbo waiting for the right fill, family issues, emotional issues with losing the weigh, work issues etc.
I found out I have low iron so that probably has contributed to the tiredness.
I posted on the ccb message boards because it got to a point where I felt I really needed to reach out for help. Mum has been amazing but I need to be around people who have been through it. Mum booked me in to get my hair done on Tuesday after the dietician so I'm pretty excited about that. She's really supportive and I love her so much.
Thank god for that board though! I've met some amazing people through it. I'm meeting El for lunch tomorrow for the first time and after my fill on friday the amazing kristie and i are meeting up for coffee. She has been a life saver for me. We chatted for an hour or so on msn and I felt so much better. A lot perkier and postive. I think because I have something to look forward to it has helped me.
That's all for tonight. I don't want to spoil my good mood by thinking too much.

-skinny biddy

p.s: not taking traineeship. Planning on a career change after america.


LIBSMOM said...

You are doing exactly the right thing by reaching out to others who've been there and done that or are going through it right now. You have so much to share through your experience too, with others who are just beginning their journey.
Post before and after pics of your hair cut too!!
You are also exhibiting such strength by not eating over the life issues you are facing right now. WAY TO GO!! And thanks for always making the metric conversions for me ;)

mjwdec73 said...

What libsmom said - except for the conversion bit.

Be proud of yourself - I am.