Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Thursday Night Wrap Up

Just got home from sitting around a circle of strangers singing children's songs. It actually turned out better than I expected. I learnt a lot and will take a lot away from it to use at my centre. That's if I can sway the very rigid boss!
Before I left I tried to have dinner, Spag Bol. I had cooked it earlier so I didnt have to do it right before I left. So I didn't think about the re-heating rule (I've never had issues with it before) and tried to have a little before I left. It got stuck. Never had that issue before with Spag Bol. So I'm putting it down to the re-heating. Will not do again. Ended up (I know someone here will give me shit for this) getting a McFeast from McDonalds. It went down fine. Mum didn't understand why I didn't try the Spag Bol again, but I told her I wasn't really in the mood to have a "stuck" as I like to refer to it. Does any other bandsters have re-heating issues?
I also came home to see my sister with a shoe box with 4 mice in it. So they are going back to the Pet Store tomorrow. I love her to bits for being so caring for animals (they were going to be fed to a snake if not bought) but she can't have honestly thought it would be ok with two cats in the house!!!
Hanging out for my next fill on Monday. I suffer from the old fluid retention and im all pmsy so I feel like a whale. I'm having no issues eating anything I want at the moment (except re heated foods) and I think that has to do with pms. I know most bandsters have trouble eating at this time of the month but im opposite i think.
Dad's Day 3 of Opti-yuk. He is going really well. I knew food wise he would be better at it than me, he is a vego so knows what to do with veggies to get em to taste nice. He's already lost a heap apparently. I keep telling him its to shrink his liver but I know how cool it is to see the quick decline on scales. Wish I would see them right now!! Monday will fix that up.
So 8 votes so far on the poll I put up. Ok! I get the picture about the pictures! Will put more up. Comments on last two I put up???
I made a profile on "companions". lol. its a dating site. I have no idea why I did it, maybe because I was super bored last night. And of course, I ALWAYS get the creepy guys. Lol.
I started up with a netball team last week. Tonight was our first game. I missed it because of the inservice but we won!!!!! 16-13!!! Very happy! Most of us havent played for some time so I'm really happy we could get that win! We have 8 players (indoor you need 5) so we've got reserves which is good because I know I won't be playing a full game right off the bat!
Anyways thats all. I'm super tired.
Hope all is well in the land of skinny biddy readers!
-bridget :0)

oh, btw, if anyone wants to add me to facebook feel free.


mjwdec73 said...

I've been OK with the reheating thing - touch wood! I've been waiting for it to be a problem, but so far so good. I've just added you as a friend on Facebook - gorgeous photo of you!