Tuesday, April 29, 2008

First Cold Restriction

Just finished dinner. It took me 30 mins to eat. Something that I've enver really done before. Usually it takes me 15 mins to eat. The cold is definately doing something to Barbie!

Todays food

Breakfast- Glass or Apple Juice

Lunch- 2 mini tortillas with cheese tomato and sweet chilli sauce toasted

Snack- biscuit

Dinner- Spag Bol

Dad's surgery is tomorrow. I am pretty nervous about it. I'm going to have to hold back the tears. I am so glad that he is getting it done. I honestly thought that in the next few years I would have to bury him. So knowing that he is doing something about his weight issues and all the health complications he has because of it. No more diabetes, no more high blood pressure and no more sleep apnea. So up nice and early tomorrow morning to spend the day in hospital with him.
No exercise today. Worked for a little bit, then had family over to wish Dad well. Probably won't get to work out until netball thursday night. Then back into it Friday morning with gym. Also going to get Dad out and walking around as soon as I can.
Feet are recovering well. Lol. So many comments on the boots!!
Thanks to everyone for all the support. This blog is one of the main reasons I have such motivation and drive.

-skinny "wishing Dad all the best for tomorrow" biddy :0)


mjwdec73 said...

Wow - 30 minutes. You might have to move somewhere colder for more consistent restriction :)

I'll be thinking of you and your Dad tomorrow - somehow I think you are more nervous for him than you were for yourself.

I know it is hard, and you probably will be struggling with the tears, so if you need a break, maybe go for a quick walk around the block - a little bit of exercise might help.


Myf xoxox

LapBandGirl said...

30 minutes is a perfect time for eating a meal! Great news! :) That's where you want to be.

Good luck for your Dad's surgery today. I wish you and your Dad all the best!

And like MJW said, if things get too much, going for a walk to clear your head and being by yourself is the best thing you can do! Chocolate will not be your friend!! :)

LBG xx