Thursday, April 24, 2008

Lessons Learned

We lost netball tonight. 18-27. I only played one half (14 mins) just to ease myself into it. I was Goal Shooter and was proud to get a few goals in. It made me realise how much I missed it. And what I've been missing out on. Next week I will attempt to play a full game. And run more.
I was thinking of going to the gym tomorrow to do step class. Forgetting that the gym won't have classes because it's Anzac Day. Heres the plan for exercise next few days
Friday: Nil lol
Saturday: Gym workout (treadmill, bike and cross trainer)
Sunday: Pilates in morning, netball training in the afternoon
Monday: Beginners Cycle
Tuesday: Circuit Class
Wednesday: Nil (Dad's surgery!!)
Thursday: Netball
Friday: Step Class

Ok heres the food diary for the day
Breakfast- Nil (band too tight and woke up SUPER late)
Lunch- 4 cruskits (2 roast beef and hommus) (cottage cheese, tomato and vegemite)
Dinner- Chicken Pasta Bake
Snack- twisties (yeah i know.)

Tonight I learnt that trying new things might be scary at first, but after a little while its a bunch of fun. Starting a "Bucket List" tonight. So will let you know what is on it in next post.
I hope that everyone enjoys their long weekend.

Lest we Forget

-skinny netball loving biddy :0)


mjwdec73 said...

Yay - I'm so proud of you for getting out there and playing that game of netball. Next week you can do more :)