Saturday, April 5, 2008

My First Ever Feeling of Restriction

I woke up this morning exhausted. I am still so tired ALL the time. More on that later. I didn't feel hungry at all. I had a juice instead. I definately could tell I had restriction. Here's todays meals:

Breakfast- 1/4 of my porridge plus 6 cashews
Lunch- 2 cruskits with vegemite, cottage cheese and tomato
Dinner- Atlantic Salmon and veggies.

I really couldn't eat too much of my breakfast and my awesome banding buddy Kristie reminded me that bands are usually tighter in the morning. So that made sense. So by dinner I was hungry but couldn't handle all of it. I had a pretty good attempt though! I am currently feeling quite hungry so will have some water (water intake hasn't been so good and I know how important that is) and then see how it goes.

Now back to this tired thing. I'm sick of it. I really want to start working out on a daily basis but stuggling to function. Mum's close friend is a naturopath. Mum spoke to her about it and said that Centrum is definately not enough. Apparently it is a very weak multivitamin. So she has given me one. I have compared bottles and its laughable. She PROMISED me I would feel better on it. So I'm happy about that. She also gave me iron tablets. Now I tried to take them tonight with little success. Yes, I managed to get them down but man it was super uncomfortable! It still feels like they are in my throat! I am really not a fan of liquid medication, especially natural ones. They taste so bad! But I am going to have to grin and bare it. It's important I stay on top of everything. I don't want to end up in hospital with dehydration or needing iron injections. I've heard of that happening and that is not going to be me.

On a little, quite hilarious note I have a little story for you. Mum is buying me the Pandora bracelet. I told her it was ready and she said she cant afford to buy me the bracelet and charms this week but will layby it for me. She comes into my room a few hrs later with an ad from the paper. She says "I found an ad for specials for Pandora you might want to check out"

Here is the ad:
Now a selection of newly arrived ladies
plus all your favourites
Daytime special before 5 pm.
Pleasure is our name
She didn't read the ad properly...................... I'm glad she didn't call and ask what the specials were. She was so close!!!!!!!!!! Hilarious!
On that note I'm off to drink as much water as I can and try and find my winter clothing. I can't believe how cold it has become! I think I threw mine all out. Dammit!
Stay Classy.
-skinny "newly arrived" biddy :0)


NikkiD said...

Thats so funny about the Pandora advertisement!! haha

mjwdec73 said...

I just spat my salad reading that ad - not good! That is hilarious. Thanks for kicking my butt about Friday - I definitely needed it.

Have you tried vegie juice - carrot, celery, beetroot and ginger juice and I are best friends.

Emma said...

I've been taking Berocca Performance as my multivitamin and finding it pretty good. But traditionally for me tiredness = low iron. You can buy iron tabs over the counter at the chemist and they're not big so you shouldn't have a prob swallowing them.

Hope things improve

Em :)