Friday, April 4, 2008

My First Fill

Above is a pic of my first fill! It did hurt but Dr expected it to as I was still very sore around the port area. I had 2 mLs put in today. I could definately feel the restriction straight away!
For anyone who hasn't had a fill yet I'll give you a run down. I went in, talked about what I was able to eat (a lot!) and went next door. I weighed myself (exactly the same as last time) and layed down on bed thingy. The pillow was placed under my back so it raised my stomach up. The Dr felt around to find the right spot to stab me with (lol) and marked it out. He put some cold antiseptic on me, waited a minute, then got the injection ready. He put the needle into my port then asked me to raise my head. He then fiddled around and injected the 2 mLs into my port. It did hurt quite a bit but as soon as it was over I was fine. Coming from someone who is afraid of needles I know I did well! The Dr put the biggest piece of gauze on it! lol a bandaid would have been fine....
Straight after my first fill my Dad had his consultation. He is booked in for surgery April 30th!! I'm very happy for him because I know how desperately he wants it. I know he is going to do well! He is going to kick my arse!
I've lost 16% of my total excess weight already! Yay! I am so happy!
Hoping the fill will get my weight to the 15 kilos lost mark. But slow and steady is healthy, I know that.
I've been meeting up with fellow bandsters the last few days. It's really help me feel better. I was feeling very low, had a lot of family stuff going on plus frustrated because of too much restriction. I really didn't want to post so kept away. But I'm back. Getting hair done Tuesday and really looking forward to that. It's one of my fave things to do!

I txt my boss. I am allowed back at work now so let her know. I'm going to take it very easy. lol. As I was typing that she responded. I have a full day of work 14th april. Should be interesting! You probably think I'm a diva because I'm saying its hard but child care is so demanding. I also told her I wasn't going to take the traineeship. She said she'd call me next week to discuss it. She was in a super good mood because shes in melbourne at the moment! So hopefully I still have the work for 6 months. I guess I'll have it wait until next week to find out.
My pandora bracelet is ready to be picked up! Will get it tomorrow!

Hope everyone has a nice weekend!

-skinny filly biddy :0)


mjwdec73 said...

They love that 2ml fill to start you off don't they - I'm glad it went ok - could you hear it too?