Tuesday, April 22, 2008

What's being hungry like? I don't know, I haven't been today!!

Breakfast- Boost Pineapple Passion juice
Lunch- KFC Mashed Potato and Gravy
Dinner- Sheperd's Pie and veggies.

Didn't feel hungry today. I did once whilst in the movies but had a sip of my Boost Juice and it went away. It is a very liberating feeling. Knowing that you are totally in control of everything you put into your mouth. All day I felt like I was able to get on with my day and not worry about food.
Something that I wanted to let you know also, I haven't had any major stuck incidents lately. I think its because after my last bad one I learnt that I need to eat when I'm feeling "peakish" and not let it go any further. If I do then its a reciepe for disaster. So anyone out there newly banded, please try and listen to your stomach and don't let it go. Because if you aren't starving when you eat, you can eat slowly and have less of a chance to pb or have a "stuck".
Another new development today. Walking past mirrors I don't feel like I'm going to throw up looking back at the person in it. I cant wait until the scales read under 100. It's going to be awesome!!! Not too far until I get there!
Tomorrow is the day. I start back at the gym after 8 weeks deferral. I am a little scared. Lol. But I guess that's ok. I'm going to start somewhat easy tomorrow otherwise I won't want to go back. So I think about 30 mins with the treadmill and cross trainer should be good. I want to work up to this plan

Sunday- Pilates and netball training
Tuesday- maybe workout after work
Thursday- Netball possible workout during day
Friday- Step Class
Saturday- 30 min Pump Class, maybe some tennis

I am really looking forward to becomming more active. I just need that push of motivation!!!

Stay warm

-skinny back to gym biddy :0)

Oh! P.s: Eve- for my 21st I was planning on going to Star City. I can't drink a drop so I'm always looking for ways to have fun and make sure whoever I'm with do also. If anyone has any ideas for an original party idea please lemme know. Last year I went on a ghost tour. Lol. So things like that.


mjwdec73 said...

You are going to see a big difference when you head back to the gym - enjoy it! It is so much easier, and feels amazing. I love that you are mixing it up so much to - way to go.

Food, it's overrated!

Eve said...

Good on you for the mirror thing. I am getting there...but it's easier when I have warning that a mirror is coming up, then I can mentally prepare myself with the "it's ok, you are not THAT bad" positive self talk. Definitely something to work on for me I think!
Re 21st ideas, hmmm. Well I hired out a room in a little pub in the Rocks (just under the Bridge), it was great and not too expensive too. As for original - how about Karaoke? I have heard that there are some great little authentic Japanese places in the city, you could book a room and go crazy with some friends! Oh and also enjoy some yummy (and healthy, bonus!) Japanese food.

Tully said...

Hey, I found your blog on POSSA. It sounds like you are going great!

I always have it in the back of my mind that I will get a lapband one day. I have a couple of friends who have done it and had great success. I am not sure what is holding me back, probably embarrassment that I can't control my eating.

I look forward to reading more about your journey, so far you have been an inspiration! :-)