Monday, April 14, 2008

First Day Back

First day back at work today this year. Before the surgery my boss didn't need me (i work as first on call assistant) so I spent a few months at home not wanting to go out, hating the way I looked. And after surgery I've been very nervous about being able to get through the day, having a pb issues (as we dont have lunch breaks- even though its an 8 hr day), lifting etc.
So it was a pretty ok day to come back, first day of school holidays so parents dont usually bring there kids. But I realised today that I don't want to stay in childcare. I feel like I've got bigger and better things to do with my life. I still love the kiddies but I've lost the passion for it.
Dad starts opti-fast tomorrow. Surgery is in two weeks. It'll be weird seeing him go through it. But I'll make sure I look after him. He cooked us a roast dinner tonight. He doesn't eat meat so it was nice for him to do it. I hadn't had a roast in like 2 months so I knew it would be interesting to see how I would go with the pork. Ouch! No! No pork, it's ok. Really hurt. I ran to the bathroom not sure if I was going to pb or not. Called mum because I thought I might need some coke to help me along. But I didn't and it passed. Mum's new thing to say when im having "issues" is "are you regretting this?". And I know this is her feelings not mine but man its frustrating. I don't have any second thoughts at all. If it wasn't for this I'd be on my way to death. I would have either died from obesity related diseases or taken my own life in complete loss of life. Don't freak out at that last statement. It's the truth. And no, I'm fine now. So please don't comment telling me I need to get some mental help!!!
Netball training for the first time in years. I came home quite exhausted!! I have long ways to go before I'm super fit and don't feel like I'm going to die after 10 mins! I miss our first game on Thursday due to work, but will be there the week after with game face on!! As of now each day I am going to do some form of workout for at least 30 mins a day so I'm not in such shock when I start netball.
I moved forward my fill from three weeks to one. I don't feel like I have enough restriction. I feel like I can eat my three meals a day plus a few snacks. Today's meals:

Breakfast- 2 cruskits with spaghetti
Snack - v8 juice
Lunch- sushi and seaweed salad
Snack- ajatas vege chips and 2 cruskits with roast beef and hommus
Dinner- not much, roast dinner.

I know I will be hungry in about two hours and just feel outta control with food. So will see what the doctor says. Maybe even a little fill will be fine.

Please think of my mum tomorrow as she goes for her biopsy.
New poll up, please vote on things you'd like to see to improve blog. I'm not sure if anyone out there in cyber land is reading anymore. Come post a comment and have a chat! You can post annonymously (sp?)and leave your name in comment.
Hope everyone had a great weekend.

-skinny tired biddy :0)


NikkiD said...

You know your actually legally entitled to a lunch break if your working that long!!

And I am still reading!!

Bridget said...

i know i am entitled to one....its just hard to talk to her about it. everyone feels the same. i mean one girl is 6 months pregnant and doesnt get one!

LapBandGirl said...

It's funny how you figure out what foods you can and can't eat. You really do relearn how to eat. I find eating more of a chore now... which I sometmes get sad about because I love food. I choose really good quality small portions now. Keep up the great work with that Netball business!

mjwdec73 said...

Wow - a day of work and netball - well done! LBG is right - relearning how to eat is a whole new world. Can you talk to your mum about not making the regret comment? That would drive me nuts. I'm sure she does it because she loves you and this is a whole lot of new stuff for her to deal with, but it isn't helping you.

I hope everything went OK with her biopsy.

Anonymous said...

Bridget keep up the great work. when the time is right you will meet someone