Thursday, April 10, 2008


No restriction today!!!!!

Breakfast- 2 cruskits with vegemite, cottage cheese and tomato

Lunch- 2 mini tortilla wraps with cheese, ham, tomato, sweet chilli (one with lettuce, it really hurt! So I know now I cannot eat lettuce!!!)

Snack- Rice Crackers and Light Chive and Onion Philly Spread

Dinner- Ham and Cheese Macaroni (a whole plate!!!!!! omg!)

I'm REALLY craving twisties and chocolate now! I don't feel any difference from before dinner to now. It's certainly a struggle mentally when each day food is different. My dietician told me Tuesday that she thinks I might lose restriction in a week or so. I'm told that after fill 1 and 2 is when you start to feel it.

I've met an awesome girl named Katie from the Yahoo Lap Band Boards. I read a post of hers and its like we are the same person!! So I emailed her and we've been talking since last night. Our lives are so similar! She lives in Vic which is a shame but more a reason to go for a holiday!! So Katie if you're reading, shout out to you!!!

Very boring day today. Feeling very hormonal so decided not to do much. Dad got a call from the dietician. He starts Opti-fast next Wednesday. I know he will probably come to me a lot for advice and help because I've been through it all. I'm hoping he doesn't over take me on the weight loss side, but being a male he probably will! Lol.

No more tonight. Boring post sorry.

-skinny hormonal biddy :0)


NikkiD said...

It will be great to have your Dad going through it with you!

Also whenever you crave something naughty think about what you have gone through and that its not worth it!!

Bridget said...

too late.... i had twisties......... oh well. tomorrow is a new day

LIBSMOM said...

After my first fill, I'm not feeling much restriction either. At the end of the day today, I was thinking of calling my doctor to ask for more saline. I want MAJOR restriction. Right now, I'm still relying on self control which I really didn't think I was going to have to do. Today was rough, more specifically tonight was filled with bits of things after dinner that I had no business eating. UGH!