Monday, April 21, 2008

Second Fill

Howdy y'all!
This afternoon I went to meet my Fill Dr, which I will now refer to as Dr Fill. He was awesome! We cracked jokes, he said he was going to "stab Barbie" and hope I wasn't offended by that. Lol. Its didn't hurt as much as the first one. I have a total of 4.5 mLs in my band.
Dr Fill doesn't want me to have another fill for at least another month as I've already had two in the six weeks since banded. I'm hoping that it lasts me a lot longer than the 5 days my last fill did. I don't feel much different but I'm sure when I try and eat mushies tomorrow night I will think differently! On liquids until then.
Looking at poll results so far, numerous votes for more photos, hence more photos up. If someone can tell me how to make a link so I can have a Photo page I will do one and have comparison photos. Also, two votes for food diaries so will do one from now on. I saw that one vote was cast after my post about not watching what I was eating on weekend. Don't worry, I didn't go off the rails too much!

Breakfast- 2 cruskits and spaghetti
Now on liquids until tomorrow then will move onto mushies.

I have had a headache since yesterday afternoon. So I'm making sure I am getting all my water in.
Also, cold! I've never felt the cold before like this! I think I'm off to buy winter clothes this week. I've never really had to do that before.

Something momentous happend on the weekend. I told the guy I like I have the band. I was kinda put in a corner to tell him so I did. He had no issues about it at all. I did tell him I don't want him to see me for a few months until I look super hot and have more confidence. He said that was stupid and I looked fine now. Nice boy. I'll probably chicken out as I do.
My beautiful yet crazy sister wants to get the lapband. She hasn't properly tried the old fashion diet and exercise. Shes been having personal training sessions but never watching what she eats and eating crap. She thinks its the easy way out. Even after seeing me PB and have "stucks". She's a little desperate at the moment. She thinks having the band will fix her comfort eating. NO. Not the case, it actually makes the issue stick out a lot more. And MAKES you deal with it. I myself don't have that issue, I love food purely and simply. I would rather a fill than a Big Mac. I will have to try and find a way to explain all this to the sister. Mentally she would not cope with the band. She cannot look after herself now, so how would she do it with the band? She'd for sure make herself sick.

Welcome to the week readers. Hope you have a great one!

-skinny filled biddy :0)


mjwdec73 said...

Yay for more photos! I found the easiest way was to use the photo tag and whenever I put a photo up in an entry tag it as photo - then I just put a link to all entries tagged as photos. Otherwise there are widgets you can get to create slideshows - check out Putting my inner geek away now :)

You are so right about your sister - it is scary how much the band makes you face your issues rather than hide behind them. Who said it was just a weight loss tool? Good luck with that conversation.

And I'm cold too!!!

Eve said...

Hi there Bridget, I just discovered your blog through your link on POSAA (I'm username eveajac). I'm 22 and from Sydney, and though I don't have a band I can relate so much to what you've written about battling against emotional eating and body image. I just wanted to say that I find you really inspirational and I am 100% sure that you will achieve the goals that you have set out so well! What an awesome idea!!
Will definitely be following your journey on here.
E x
Oh and P.S.: are you coming to the POSAA conference up on the GC in August?

Bridget said...

Hi Eve,
You've made my night!!!! Thanks so much for your post, I loved it!
As for the POSSA conference. I'd love to but funds aren't allowing me to get there. Especially because its my 21st bday month. Lol.
Do they always hold it on Gold Coast?

Eve said...

Oh no, thank YOU!
Oh well about the conference, hopefully you can make it next year. This will be my third, they are great. The location changes every year - last year was Melbourne and the previous was Sydney. Luckily I've been able to get my flights with frequent flyer points to keep the costs down.
Yay for your 21st coming up. Any big plans? You will have to go shopping for a totally knock-out outfit :)

LapBandGirl said...

I hear you with the sister thing. My mum wants my sister to get a lapband (not knowing that I have one) but knowing one of my friends who has one and who has lost loads of weight. But My sister, has not given it a good go of sensible eating and exercise which really frustrates me. Not only that but Mum and Dad would PAY for her to get the operation - I had to pay for it myself (not that I regret that). Maybe it's me being jealous that she might get it easier than me. I know for me it was a really tough decision to get the band, for her, she thinks it is the easy way out, which we know it isn't!

I voted for more info re your food intake. I like to know what other bandits are eating, cos I get an idea of portion sizes and what types of foods work and what don't!

LBG xx