Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The Wrap

So first things first, I look at my webpage ticker to see that my page as been viewed 916 times! Thats amazing!!! So to whoever out there in cyber land is reading thanks a bunch. And I hope you enjoy.
Speaking of enjoying things..... not happy about the hair. I've been looking forward to this for a few weeks now and I'm a bit disappointed. I had to go to someone else at the same salon as my hairdresser had a baby. So she simply had to read the instructions left to her and follow. No. No she didn't. Instead of a chocolate base its copper. And I HATE copper. So I'm waiting for some feedback from the mother and from you guys. If I'm not happy should I call and complain? I'm not the type of person who can be assertive. Photo is on the right.
Went to see dietician this morning. Weighed in and lost 1.9 kilos since my fill 4 days ago!!! So I've lost 9.8 according to her scales, home ones are 12.1. I'm going for home scales number. Not because its bigger, but because I will weigh myself at home more than there. Dieitician wants me to eat more protein and a better breakfast so will try to. I've just been having v8 juice but thats not enough. She wants me to get my GP to do some blood works because of the tiredness and check everything else out.
Today was a first for me. First PB (Productive Burp for those not in the know). I came home from being out all day. Tummy grumbled. So I decided to eat something before I got super hungry. Well I made a mini tortilla wrap with ham,cheese,lettuce,cheese and sweet chilli sauce. It tasted amazing. Too amazing. Too fast. So it got stuck. Now every other time I've had this issue I've used coke and its helped. Not this time!! It made it a lot worse. Ten times worse. I ran to sink and moaning and groaning I eventually P.Bed. I definately learnt from today. But I know it'll happen again and again, brains are fickle things. But since I'd done so much reading on it I wasn't scared at all. I knew what was happening, what was going to happen, and why this was occuring. For anyone getting the band. Please read read read. Learn as much as you can. It's so benefical!
Starting netball training (dont worry i wont go too hard at it) on Sunday. Some of the Central Coast Bandsters are starting a team up next Thursday. I LOVE netball. Used to play back when I was 10. Got a couple of trophies and grandfinals action. So it should be fun.
That's it, that's all. Hope everyone in band and non-band world are super!


NikkiD said...

I have been hanging out for an update! YAY!

I love copper hair, mine is copper!! But if you don't like it and its not what you asked for I would definately complain, but going by the picture I think it looks great!!

And thats a great loss again! Your doing so well!!

mjwdec73 said...

I quite like the hair - do you think part of your reaction is that you look in the mirror and try to work out who the f it is? At the same time, it is your hair, and if you hate it, you are well within your rights to complain.

Fantastic loss too - well done :)