Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Happy, yes, happy

I found out this afternoon that I am working the 6 months at pre school!! I have to start attending staff meetings as of now and inservices as we have accreditation probably the first few weeks i am there. So I am glad I turned down the traineeship because this is enough to deal with without all this on top of it.
The only down side is that I will be missing my first game of netball. But thats ok, I probably shouldn't be doing it anyway. We start training on Sunday. Very excited! I started working out today in preparation. lol.
I haven't been able to eat much today. Kristie says it could be because of the rain.

Breakfast: 2 cruskits (roast beef and hommus)
Lunch: v8 juice and rice crackers
Dinner: none so far

I have a bit of a headache now so I will make sure im drinking as much water as possible. Trying to get it all in. Now I understand when bandsters say they feel like a fish!! Hahaha.
On the hair front I've decided to let it go. I was looking back at photos of me with the darker hair and I'm not sure if it suited me. This looks pretty natural.

Starting to get peakish. Going to try to eat some dinner!!

-skinny biddy :0)


NikkiD said...

Thats great about the job!!

And I'm glad you like your hair cause I think it looks great!