Tuesday, April 15, 2008

How Did I Lose More???

I've lost another 800 grams. Ok, I know I said I wouldn't be worried about the grams but I'm super happy about the loss because I've been paranoid about the amount of food I am eating. Right now I'm hungry. I've already had dinner!! So glad I bought the fill forward. I know some people leave their fills until the scheduled time and I know that if I was to do that I could possible put some on (my Dr told me that). I always want to be on top of things. Making sure I know I am in control of my band and my body.
I love Barbie. She is awesome!
Wow! I've felt amazing since my last post! I've had some really great feedback about the blog which makes me feel very valiadated. I wanted to document my journey for two reasons. The first was I heard that people who write a journal/diary/blog have a more motivation hence more success. And second, so that other people looking into getting the band will hear what it is like for someone who has been through it. That is how I learnt the most valuable information about the banding journey. The information session the Dr held was great, but he doesnt see what daily life is like so hearing from someone the complete truth, the highs and lows really comforted me!
Not sure if I've blogged before about this, but going to my first offical bandster meet up on Saturday. Very exciting! Meeting others who have the band is really rewarding. It's like meeting a kindred spirit! Someone who can say "i get you".
I have a poll up about the blog. One vote so far (im so popular lol) about more photos. Ok, honesty o'clock. I know that whenever I read other peoples blogs photos really made the blog a whole lot better. But I'm scared. I know by doing it I'll feel vunerable. It was huge of me and my pride to admit I had a weight problem and blog about it. I got over that. So I know I will get over the photos. So I'll put some up. Me and mum were having a huge laugh over the photos of me in hospital. I asked my sister to take some after surgery from advice from other bandsters. Well she got camera happy and snapped away! And I looked sooooooo sick!! But promise from now on more photos. And I wont take 20 to get one decent one. I'll make sure they are true to life.
I love my life. I love the life that Barbie is giving to me. I don't know how this all happend, I guess this was the journey my life had to take. But bring on every single gram off the scales and off my mental anguish. Lighten me up physically and emotionally.

-bridget :0)


mjwdec73 said...

I'm so happy to read this post. I love watching us change to more positive happy people. So excitement.

I went to my second meet up on Sunday - you are right - I just get so much out of it - and it wasn't just the bootful of new clothes I scored! The support of people who are doing the same thing makes such a difference