Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Bridgy's Got Her Mojo Back!!!

So I think I became complacent. I was over the honeymoon period and finding it hard to motivate myself. As much as I was preaching that the band is a tool, I wasn't listening to my own advice. Yes, I changed my food choices, but there wasn't as much exercise as there could have been. I've been thinking in the last few days that I don't want to look back on my first year and regret it. Not having worked as hard as I could to get as much weight off as I can. I want to look back and be able to say "I tried my best".
So with that said I headed off to the gym today for a 45 minute work out. The plan is at least 3 times a week at the gym and every other day the treadmill at home. Yes, 7 days a week.
Also tightening up the eating further. Normally I have major issues with salads (weird, huh). I took a chance and took salad and pink salmon for lunch today. I put balsamic vinegar on it which weirdly helped it go down. I didn't have any issues at all with it! So making sure I take salads as much as I can.

Todays food diary
B- nice big warm cup of tea on such a cold cold day!
Morning Tea- yoghurt and cashews (oh and a cupcake for one of the chns birthdays @ preschool)
Lunch- Salmon and salad
Dinner- fetta and spinich fish with veggies
Water- 1.5 L

I'm pretty proud of my efforts today. Keeping it up because I feel bloody awesome tonight!

-skinny "yeah hah!!" biddy :0)

2 comments: said...

wow... for me, who is yet to be banded ... it's really, really interesting to see what banded people eat on a daily basis... you know what I mean? I guess the eating less part freaks me out - and I just wonder what the hell you can eat?! LOL

Obsessing over food... again... still

well done on such a great day :)

L xo

mjwdec73 said...

I need that exercise kick up the bum right now - and the food one too!!!