Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Not Fair

Woke up with a headache. I think that was the sign I needed to know I was gonna have a shocker.
Went into work feeling shitty only to feel worse when we get the shock of our lives to find out that one of the fathers at preschool died. He had a fit and died. Simple as that. No issues before that. Clean bill of health. Just died.
Then, to make things worse, I had to tell a friend from school about the passing of a girl we were friends with. She passed away a year ago and my friend had no idea..... very hard thing to do.
I didn't go on my date. I was too upset. Plus the whole net thing. It's too forced for me. Too much pressure. The guy is nice though. I will meet up with him.
Thats all tonight..... I'm competely heartbroken. I don't get this life thing sometimes...


Cat McKenzie said...

Hang in there. I know death can be a shock, but it really is a part of life...and life will go on.

Take care of yourself.


Oozyxena said...

AWWW Bridget what a shitty day!! Things can only get better, put your feet up try to refresh, Tomorrow is another day and things will look better. xx

Anonymous said...

Awful awful day, but you'll get through it. I know how you feel about the net date. I met this guy I'd been talking online for a while with and it was super scary. Didn't work out for me (the guy was a bit too short for me - like I can be picky about these things!) but I've heard of plenty that do work out. Friend of my sister's is getting married next week to a guy she met on the net!

All the best,

mjwdec73 said...

Oh honey, that sounds like a shocker.