Saturday, October 25, 2008


I went clothes shopping yesterday because my clothes just looked plain stupid on me. I am super happy with my bargains! I bought 4 tops (priced at $12 each!), 3 pairs of shoes (gladiator flats- black and white and work shoes), new makeup and a maxi dress all for $210! Gotta love kmart and their constant sales! The tops are such pretty colours! I will take a pic and post them on my photo blog soon.
I am offically a 16 now! Very very very cool! Its all super exciting for me from here guys! Last time I was under 90 and under a size 16 I would have been about 15-16. It was so so so great to be able to go into a store and be able to choose. I actually had to stop myself. I could pick up anything and it would fit. It was so so so very freeing. I'm sure you guys understand.
Since Wednesday I have been working out everday. I've been to the gym three times and days I haven't been able to make it I've used to treadmill at home. I did an hr workout today and added weights into the mix also. My eating has also improved. My food before wasn't bad, but I've refined it further. Making sure I'm getting mainly protien and veggies. I went out last night for dinner. It would have been super easy for me to have something totally shitty but I didn't. I had this yummo "lifestyle wrap"that consisted of ham, feta, baby spinich, tomato, egg and tangy bbq sauce in a toasted wrap. It was heaven. I didn't wanna put shittyness into my body. Think I'm getting somewhere....
Tomorrow is the 2nd day of my spirituality course. We will be doing inner healing. I am a little- wait very- nervous. In the last 7 months I've made such a huge change, I feel that I've dealt with my weight issues. I am worried something is going to pop out at me and fuck everything up. Let's hope it doesnt! Lol.
Course is all day tomorrow so can't get to the gym. Might do a light 30 minute treadmill session after I get back. I'm sticking to this people. I want to be under 90 for Xmas. I WILL be under 90 for Xmas!
Eating isn't worrying me anymore. I think I just had a really unrestricted day the other day. I'm happy with my food at the moment. I will monitor it still like I said to make sure that the scales are going down. They bloody better with my exercise!
Enjoy the rest of your weekend!
-skinny "loving the new clothes!" biddy :0)


LapBandGirl said...

wow B, sounds like you are doing GREAT with your weight loss. Congrats on being in a size 16!! It's so great to be able to walk into Target or Kmart and pick a size 16 off the rack eh?? I can't wait until I can go to the Witchery, Cue and Portmans of the world... watch out credit card!!! Have a lovely weekend girl!

LBG xx

Melanie said...

Well done you! You will so be below 90 before Christmas. You've inspired me and I definitely want to be under that mark too by Xmas. Mel

mjwdec73 said...

Wooohooo!! Size 16 is awesome - congratulations. I'm so very proud of you xoxo