Friday, October 3, 2008

Mini Goal Met!

So the goal was to be 96 today. Did I make it??
95.3!!! Woohoo!!
I know I said I wasn't going to concentrate on scales but I can't help but feel super about this. 95..... I haven't been 95 since I was 19 and I was on Duromine- the WORST thing I ever did (I wanted to kill myself, had panic attacks, didn't eat, didn't sleep, ended up with a bulging disk because I worked too hard at the gym). I am so so so proud. And I honestly can't accept it. It doesn't feel real. I cannot absorb the weight loss from scales. Fuck, its a lot man.
This morning I went and got my nails done. In the last two weeks I've spent more time on me. It's given me a confidence boost making sure I look good all the time. Lol. Sounds so conceited but before I didn't think I deserved it. So nails look hot (and were dirt cheap!) and the fake tan looks awesome. I booked in to get a deluxe pedicure and parrafin wax (only $40- holy moley!) in two weeks also.
I was asked by a few people how my weight has dropped in the last few weeks. Remember a little while ago I was fed up with the plateau? Ok, heres my 'secrets":

  • Weekly dinner meal plan. I have my dinners for the week written out and put on the fridge so I can make sure I am prepared and can't use any excuses for an easy not so healthy meal.
  • Daily food diary. I write it in my 2008 diary. I write it the night before, making sure that I get as much protein/ calcuim/fruit and veg.
  • Cutting out carbs. Of course lots of good foods have carbs but I'm talking about pasta mainly. I am making sure I am only having it once or twice a week.
  • Cutting down snacks, keeping to the 3 meals a day. I know this comes with the level of restriction you have. I have an excellent restriction at the moment.
  • "Do I really need that?" I ask myself before I eat EACH time. If I can't honestly answer "yes" then I have a think about it, ask myself WHY I want it. Cuts out the "bored" eating and emotional eating. I am lucky and don't have an emotional eating issue.
  • Increasing incidental exercise. I am working harder now at work, making sure I am moving around more.

I think thats about it. Something just clicked with me, especially this week. I had enough off the plateau and I wanted to stop.
I have three more days off. I am planning to completely relax, mellow out and focus on being positive. Oh and studying. Lol.

Thanks for your comments on my last post- or any posts for that matter. I adore coming to my page and seeing I have new comments.
Di- I have always wanted to write a book..... thanks for making me think...

-skinny "bring on the next goal!" biddy :0)


D said...

Hey Bridg - I reckon your book would be a great read! You could nearly use all your blogs... So very proud of you and love your positivity & honesty. I find myself coming into your site every couple of days to see how you are going.... think I'm getting addicted to your blog Bridget!!! lol... keep up the good work...

Anonymous said...

Good on you! You're being so positive and proactive. You were plataeuing, no doubt getting frustrated and instead of giving up you worked out what changes you had to make and are now reaping the rewards! I think you're awesome! I hope to take some of your good vibes and advice and use it myself! Especially the snacking...

mjwdec73 said...

I am absurdly proud of you right now.