Tuesday, October 7, 2008

There's A Boy...

I told the universe I didn't want one. Then of course what happens.... I meet someone. Lol.
Well technically haven't "met" him. We've been talking online and over the phone for a few days. But we have plans to go "hang out" tomorrow and see a movie. That's a date right.
He's nice, really witty (makes me laugh- excellent sense of humor) and hes a chef. How hilarious is that! But yeah, as excited as I am I'm also nervous. I've never been on a date. 21- yeah- lame I know. I've just been so self conscious.
On the weight front..... not weighing in every morning like I used to. Thats toxic to my progress. I beat myself up about it too much. I saw my aunty and Nan on Sunday, haven't seen them for a month. They thought I looked brilliant. They are both very honest and don't give out compliments freely. So that was a big thing for me. They thought I had lost more weight since they saw me last. Now I've only lost 2-3 kilos since then but my body shape has changed heaps. What I am trying to say is this: Just because it doesn't register on the scales,doesn't mean that you aren't losing. Don't beat yourself up about it. There are a few of you out there that I know are doing this to themselves. STOP.
In saying that tomorrow is my weigh in day so I'll see how I go. Had a rough weekend with the food. Lol. Well no, I lie. The food is better quality now. I'm not eating low fat food. I'm eating better quality food and way smaller portion sizes. It makes my food now enjoyable. And then I can move on.
I am cooking a lot more now too. I started last week. As I said in a previous post, I write down my dinner for each night so I am properly prepared and have only limited pasta nights, nights with fish, nights with meat, nights meat free etc.
Here's my dinner plan this week:

Monday- Ham,Mushroom and Cheese Risotto with a Ceasar Salad
Tuesday- Apricot Chicken with veggies
Wednesday- Fish and Veggies
Thursday- Tortelline Primevera with salad
Friday- Night out with friend
Saturday- Rice Paper Rolls or Seafood Parcels with veggies
Sunday- Tacos

More photos up in photo gallery- stop by and leave a comment. Also, become a follower of my blog. And post a link to your blog in the comments section of this post so others can have a read of your world!

-skinny "whoot woo- going on a date" biddy :0)


Renlim73 said...

I am a follower- I love hearing about your life, and what is going on with you. THank you for being so open!

Dianne said...

Go Bridget Go Bridget Go Bridget...

Woo Hoo - we'll wait to hear all the details thanks - well - maybe not quite all of them! lol... Good luck Bridget....


LapBandGirl said...

WOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Go Girl!! Just be yourself... :) said...

OOHHHH... goodluck on your hot date... there's your answer! hook up with the hot chef who is a master at cooking itty bitty gourmet meals.. and you're set up for life! (that's provided he's not a pub-bistro-600gm-steak chef!)

Best of Luck!

L xo

Oozyxena said...

Yay Bridget!!! How exciting I remembr the days and the butterflies in the tummy, Enjoy your date x
I love reading your blog especially when you are so positive, it rubs of and I then feel positive too. I have started a blog too, early days tho.

to b ME said...

hey bridgy,
so excited for you, hope it all goes well and you have a blast and maybe a kiss, who knows! i want all the details...
Good your planning meals, it helps hey... Lookin forward to thurs :)
check out my blogs people :)

Cat McKenzie said...

Oh, congratulations. That's awesome. Just wanted to say too that I love your latest photos. You are looking amazing.

You know the thing I love most about your blog is the quote I see at the top every time I visit you:

"With every kilo I've lost, I've lost some insecurity, and gained some wisdom".

I just think that's awesome.

Good luck on your date. I'm looking forward to reading all about it.


Anonymous said...

Love reading your blog... Funny how these guys seem to appear when you least expect it hey!

Anyway you know my blog but if any other Skinny Biddy readers would like to stop by, I'd love that too -

Em :)