Monday, October 13, 2008

A Case of The "BBB"'s.... Bitchy Band Barbie

Had two days of pretty much no restriction- dangerous on a weekend! Also very hormonal so that means I ate waaaay too many carbs! But thats ok, didn't dwell on it.
Of course because of said lack of restriction it paid me back today when I took that first bite (or whatever action you take when you have yoghurt) this morning. I knew with that heavy feeling from something as runny as yoghurt that it was gonna be a shitter. Its really hard to have issues when I am at work. Because I eat with the children (yeap, no lunch breaks) its super duper hard when I get something stuck to even talk. And they are talking away, barking requests at me constantly. I just walk away these days (well with someone coming to supervise them of course).
On the tattoo front, my amazingly awesome cool best friend Tegan might be coming to see me in Feb (pleeeeease) so I might go then. Its going to happen. Just when I'm not sure.
I was going to go to the gym this afternoon after work. But I find it super duper difficult. I had the worst headache and I was really tired. After a day running around after 15 two and three year olds the gym is the last thing on my mind. I'm frustrated with that. I've tried to go after work before, and I've been exhausted. To a point in which I'm screwed for the rest of the week. So yeah. Annoyed. I will make more of an effort on my days off. I haven't been to the gym in a few weeks. Naughty Bridgy, naughty!! BUT..... I am doing more on my days off. Being more active.
Tafe course doing well. I've completed 5 modules out of 17. At the end of the year I am without a job.... I could possibly have one next year, its all kinda in the air. but during the 6 weeks preschool is closed I will work as hard as I can to get as much done as possible. I wanna move onto my diploma by this time next year.
Start my advanced course this Sunday. Its a course on spirituality. Its changed my life and my way of thinking. Love it to bits!!
My mini goal was to get to 91 by October 24 (two weeks away). I don't see that happening. I can only try and hope for the best. My original goal was to be 85 for Xmas. I will be happy being under 90 to be honest with you. I am not as focused on scales as before, but would love to see it go down of course. Its such a mindfuck. Wanting that number, but trying not to let it get to you.

Hope everyone has a great week!

-skinny biddy :0)


Melanie said...

The change in your attitude to life is amazing - from where you were when you were jsut starting this crazy but wonderfulo journey to the "together-sounding" woman of today. It's terrific. The challenges you talk about are indeed challenging but you'll be fine - that's very obvious to your readers if not always to you! Mel

mjwdec73 said...

I know damn well that whatever you set your mind to will happen - it is just a matter of when.