Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Happy Hump Day! Well its almost over. Thankgod.
Ok heres the news in Bridgys world.

  • FUCKEN TAFE!!! I recieved an email 2 days ago saying "did you know if you work in the childcare field you can apply for recognition of prior learing?"FUCK ME DEAD! Excuse the language. But I am pissed off. 5 months of doing assignments that I didnt need to do. I've been working in childcare for 3 years. I qualify! So I've got 13 more modules left to do- I can apply for RPL with 11 of them. Going into work tomorrow to dicuss with the boss. Apparently she knew all along that I could do that. I'm annoyed at that too
  • Damn hormones!!! Due for the monthly bitch of a fairy in a few days so band is playing up. Weekend I had no restriction. Monday and Tuesday it was tight, and tonight its on a roll! I pbéd cheese. (Hot tip: its not fun) and had to give up trying to eat cause everything that touched my lips came up. I refuse to weigh myself on the scales. That is plain STUPID. I carry heaps of fluid for a week and a half around this time so I feel like a whale and its represented on the scales when it goes up a few kilos. Its the BEST feeling ever when I wake up one morning and its all gone. Oh to live like that everyday! That would be a dream! I'm also really emotional at the moment. Stupid hormones, did I mention that? I have been shitty at work (well actually thats with good reason. I am SICK of doing the work of 3 people!) and sometimes just want to bawl my eyes out. Ah, such is life.
  • I got my tax cheque back this week and have decided to save most of it. I want to put it into a savings account for a travel fund. I am going to get hair coloured tomorrow though. Lol. It's very scientific. See, it wont last til Xmas, so its now, then a week before Xmas. Otherwise I'll have to do it a few weeks before and I'll be all over the place. Makes sense to me....shhh... Lol.
  • Getting my nails done and a pedi on friday. Learnt the art of pampering oneself. Its bliss. Its personally a reflection of how I respect myself. Its expensive. But worth every cent!
  • Having lunch on friday with some friends. Havent seen most of them in a long time so it will be good to catch up. Most of them are bandsters and I haven't been to a lunch with fellow bandsters in awhile. Always good to go and talk about banded life and normal life too.
  • Working on a support group with my dietician and another bandster. Its for anyone in the Central Coast area who has had weight loss surgery or is about to. So if I you live in Central Coast, email me and let me know if you are interested.

Thats it for now.. Can't wait for a sleep in tomorrow!

-not so skinny, fluid rentention up to my scalp, biddy


samib85 said...

hey hun,
i'm so so hearing you !!! i don't know why my band is playing up but it's giving me holy hell at the moment. everything i put in my mouth i pb !! back to the opti i think.. and thanks for your comment about the dark hair. i've put a couple more pics up but yeah after sunday.. look out !!! delta goodrem look here i come !!!! lol !! love ya ! xx

missbelinda77 said...

Hey there!

Gee you are such a busy person!!!! I haven't experienced a PB yet, and I'm not looking forward to it.

Good on you for spoiling yourself, you deserve it - so keep on doing it :)


mjwdec73 said...

Hormones suck and blow. There is no other way to describe them. So good that you can get RPL for your course - sucks that no one bothered to communicate it to you first!