Saturday, October 18, 2008

Sometimes You Forget

Today I saw some relatives that I haven't seen since September last year. They knew that myself and my dad had the band and knew that we'd both lost weight. But I didn't expect my aunty to walk into the room and her eyes to be out of her head! It was the single best reaction I've gotten so far. And I felt so overwhelmed. But see, this is the thing- the whole time, and even right this very second, I am thinking "wait until they see me at my goal weight". Thats not something that I'm happy about. I need to praise myself for my efforts NOW. What I have acheieved up until this point. However, I think that a reason I am thinking ahead, not celebrating my achievements so far is because I'm damn excited! I'm so excited because this next phrase in my journey (being under 90- 5 kilos away) is the unknown for me. Last time I was under 90 was when I was 15-16.
I woke up this morning and looked in the mirror. I couldn't believe it! My skin was sooooooooooooo clear! I have tried EVERYTHING to use on my face (except roaccutance, wouldnt go near it) so I was getting super desperate. Since I've been doing the spirtuality course I've opened up a whole new world. I decided to give something alternative a go. I bought amethyst to put next to my bed. Its healing qualities include helping skin problems and correcting hormone imbalances. I don't believe in coincidences- a week after having it and I feel different. Fluid retention ALMOST COMPLETELY GONE, pms- nearly non-exsistent, skin of course clear and just feeling NORMAL. I know some people don't believe in this kinda thing, but I do. So no haters please.
Ok, thats all for tonight. Its taken me hours to write this post, halfway through I had to pick drunk mum and her drunk work buddies up and drive them all home. Resulting in my hearing loss and wine smelling car.

-skinny "what did u say, speak louder I cant hear you!"biddy :0)


Melanie said...

Your new photo looks great. You should be proud - when I first encountered your blog you were worried that you'd never hit 100 kg and now you're on your way to 90kg and below. You have to be proud of your progress. Well done.

Nola said...

It is great you got that reaction from your relatives....revs you up!! You are so close to your under 90 are doing so well and I certainly believe in alternative fixes for things...whatever works I say!!

samib85 said...

i'm so jealous !!!! i'm so far away from being under 90.. lol. great work about the amethyst. i've been looking at it since you told me about it. i need to fix my cycle big time.. wish you were here to come with me and hold my hand tomorrow night for latin social. love ya ! xx

mjwdec73 said...

So cool that you got that reaction - I love getting that. I know what you mean about remembering to focus on the now - I struggle with that one too.